Sunset Jazz Club Girona


October 2020

Sunset Jazz Club C/ Jaume Pons i Martí, 12

17004 Girona

info and seats booking:

Saturday 3 october 7 PM  ·  inside stage with limited capacity


Humor divulgatiu,

a càrrec d'Òscar Font

Trombonist, clarinetist, singer, writer, scientific and jazz popularizer, friend Òscar Font presents us a super interesting talk full of humor, about anecdotes and curiosities of some of the great jazz players in history, some of whom are local. Quickly reserve your place to live a fantastic afternoon. You will leave happy and enlightened!

admission: members free / non members 5 euros

Saturday 10 october 7 PM and 9 PM  ·  inside stage with limited capacity


Presentació del CD

Piano Solo

Lluís Coloma piano

Lluís Coloma's new CD shows a deeper aspect of this virtuous pianist from Barcelona. Over the years, the piano has become an extension of his own body; the perfect instrument to express himself in a spontaneous and unique way. Facing the piano he creates his own compositions or performs personal versions, always impregnated with Blues and Boogie Woogie, and in this intimate concert he will transport the listener to hypnotic, magical environments, full of rhythm and energy.

admission: members 10 euros / non members 15 euros

Saturday 17 october 7 PM and 9 PM  ·  inside stage with limited capacity


Tango contemporani

Marcelo Mercadante bandoneon

Juan Esteban Cuacci piano

Marcelo Mercadante and Juan Esteban Cuacci met in Caracas, they became friends in Cádiz, and decided to form a duo in Barcelona, to make music from Buenos Aires, their hometown. Together they play their compositions, the tango of the XXI century. If in the 20th century tango was a melting pot of styles that came from ships in the port of La Plata, today the tango pot can be cooked from any other great city in the world. Like Barcelona or Madrid, where Marcelo and Juan live.

admission: members 10 euros / non members 15 euros

Saturday 24 october 7 PM and 9 PM  ·  inside stage with limited capacity


presentació de Friendship

Joaquín de la Montaña sax

Pedro Calero piano

Enrique Tejado bass

Iván Sanjuán drums

For yet another year, Sunset has been chosen to participate in the Girando Por Salas cycle, which for a few years has allowed us to discover artists from different parts of Spain. This year, we will receive the quartet of drummer and composer Iván Sanjuán, who will present us Friendship, an album in which the Extremaduran percussionist collects his influences, from be bop, African music and contemporary jazz.

admission: members 5 euros / non members 8 euros

Saturday 31 october 7 PM and 9 PM  ·  inside stage with limited capacity


XIX Anniversary Concert

Albert Bover piano

The anniversary concert is a great occasion to gather friends and fans of live jazz, and celebrate a new year enjoying the best music. Although the effects of this year in terms of capacity limitation force us to do this meeting of members and friends in two shifts, the performance could not be more lucid, since we will have the enormous Albert Bover, one of the most beloved musicians by the members and friends of the Club. We encourage you to make your reservation as soon as possible!

admission: members free/ non members 15 euros

Concert GPS

Sunday 1 november 5 PM and 7 PM  ·  inside stage with limited capacity



Vladimir Kunca violin I

Jaume Francesch violin II

Andrea Mameli viola

Daniel Regincós cello

Joan Sadurní piano

Pedrito Martínez bass

A classic of the Jazz & Fires program is the Sextet Gerió, which returns to offer us another evening of emotional and evocative music. In the program, a review of Astor Piazzola's work, and a selection of their own songs and arrangements that will not leave anyone indifferent.

admission: members 10 euros / non members 15 euros


Thursday 29 october 5 PM and 7 PM  ·  indoors stage with limited capacity



Concert de Sant Narcís

Adrian Cunningham sax & clarinet

Dani Alonso trombone

Gerard Nieto piano

Albert Martínez bass

Martí Elias drums

Concert of absolute luxury for one of the most outstanding days of the Fairs, which, how could it be otherwise, comes from the hand of the great musician and friend Dani Alonso, one of the great agitators and disseminators of jazz in the city of Girona. He proposes us a great quintet, led by the brilliant saxophonist and clarinetist Adrian Cunningham, who left us all impressed on his first concert at the club last summer. A wonder that you cannot miss!

admission: members 10 euros /

non members 15 euros

Tuesday 27 october 8 PM  ·  Cinema Truffaut  ·  plaça de Sant Jordi, 7


Cinema VOSE

França, 2017

Initially scheduled for International Jazz Day on April 30, we recover this emotional film about the painful journey of Django Reinhardt, a gypsy, fleeing the Nazis and fascism. Let us remember the story to prevent such disastrous episodes from being repeated or their severity from being minimized. The music, by Stochelo Rosenberg, you will enjoy it bravely!

admission: members 2,5 euros / non members 5 euros

Wednesday 28 october 8 PM  · indoors stage with limited capacity



Luis González piano

Manel Fortià bass

Ramon Prats drums

Despite being apparently led by pianist Luis González, this trio is truly the reunion of three of the great talents we have been able to count on as resident musicians for so many memorable seasons at the club. After a long time without having coincided on stage, we will receive this trio of aces with the desire and excitement of the first day. Come and share the excitement with us!

admission: members 8 euros / non members 12 euros

Sunday 25 octuber 7 PM  ·  indoors stage with limited capacity



The experience with

Lee Konitz

An old friend of the house and resident musician of the Sunset for a good number of years, in 2018 the musician from Banyoles Ramon Prats had the opportunity to play live and record an album with the legendary saxophonist Lee Konitz, who died recently months due to the Covid. We suggest you watch together the documentary Lee Konitz in Spain (34 minutes), about that experience at the Clasijazz in Almeria, followed by a talk by Prats himself, in which he will tell us about his experiences with the Chicago musician.

admission: members free / non members 5 euros